Beyond Words…

“Some things cannot be described, they must be experienced” ~ Radiohead


The most transforming catalysts in our lives, are many times intangible.  They are the visceral experiences which are beyond words — many times without any adequate form of expression.  However, they change us.  They transmute us.  The alchemy of our soul is through these moments.

These surreal experiences create a music which reverberates through our entire presence, and we dance to their rhythm.  In effortlessly vibrant movements.

When we allow our fears, doubts, and inhibitions to be cast way, we become an embodiment of freedom.   A blissful surge saturates our being, and we shine from within like a multitude of stars.  Our spirits soars to heights previously unimaginable.

To each of you, I wish these experiences.




Embodying Love as a Way of Life

 Love is our natural state of being.  It is fearless and free.  Love is all-accepting, knows no bounds, and transcends all limitations.

Love is Free.png

This state of being is empowering.  Becoming an embodiment of love, and casting aside, fear, judgment, and anger may take a bout of courage, or require each of us to step outside of our comfort zone a bit.  However, when we release the burdens of fear, hatred, judgment, and anger — when we break the shackles of social conditioning,  and return to our initial loving way of life, this is when we truly taste freedom.  This freedom quenches the thirst of soul and nourishes the spirit.  It is when we embody love that we truly blossom.


Love is a unifying force.  It allows us to see a part of our essence in everyone and everything we encounter.  We see the worthiness in our own being, and see this worthiness reflected in others.  Though we may have differences, our core is the same.  We begin to find beauty in places we once overlooked; in the simple as well as the complex. 

“Love is the bridge between you and            

everything.”     -Jalaluddin Rumi

As an embodiment of love, we rise above negativity.  Though negative emotions and experiences may make their way onto our path…  we accept them, learn from them, triumph over them and let them pass.  

We begin to mold our own beautiful truth.  A life that is by our design, through our intention and your essence of love.  Love is the life force, the creative force, it is both our muse and our expression — for it is all encompassing.

We begin to re-examine all the ways in which we have been conditioned through a more heart-centered, compassionate, and empathetic perspective.  We embrace others with acceptance, and we embrace our soul’s true essence.

“Dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very

flesh shall become a great poem…”  – Walt Whitman

Remember, you are the greatest form of expression in your life… you are your own  masterpiece lived through a legacy of  love you share with others.  

In closing, I hope that you live joyous and free.  That you choose love in every moment, not simply as a way to feel, but as a way to be.  A vantage point to view the entirety of life.

“Immerse you soul in love…”  Radiohead


Amanda Goins


Maintaining Balance: Being of Service

One cannot serve others if their inner-well is dry.


Service to others in a highly honorable action, and in doing so you get a sense of deep fulfillment.  However, it is also necessary to maintain a level of service to oneself.  To replenish, and renew your spirit. To seek what it is within your soul that you do for yourself and yourself alone — to nurture your being.  This a level of self care that is necessary in order to be of the highest service to others.

In some cases, such as creating art, you may find an overlap of the two.  Expressing oneself is a wonderful means of self care.  It helps lift what may be a burden, or share what may be a great joy.   Through self expression, you may create something that others connect to as well. Someone may find a bit of their own being expressed in the art that you create.  In this manner you are serving the other individual as well… perhaps on a greater level than you ever imagined, possibly without even realizing it.


We strive so much to rid ourselves of egocentric thoughts and actions, and self- centered thinking (which is very admirable).  However, we too are worthy of our own love, and our own service. Confidence and joy not the same thing as arrogance and mere pleasure seeking selfishness.   Pursuing what it is that sets your soul on fire does not in any way diminish your contribution to others.   In fact, it empowers you to further help others… because you feel renewed and refreshed.

I am not trying to tell you to lessen your service to other, by any means.  I believe we should all assist and contribute as much as we possibly can.  But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, or spread too thin. Let your love shine in all ways, both outward in service and inward in replenishment.

This may be a difficult balance to find for some, because we have been conditioned to believe that when we take care of our own being we are self-indulgent.  This however is not true… it is when you begin to care predominantly for the pursuit of your own pleasures, desires, and fulfillment that an imbalance begins to occur.  I believe if you are  truly choosing love for yourself and for others without over-analyzing or keeping score, the path will unfurl before you.

So, I leave you with this, take a moment today to pursue something that makes your joyous… then spread that joy to all you encounter.

As always,



Ride the Wave to Endless Possibility (Ascending to Life Anew)

Envision each moment of your life as a blank canvas; and it is you who are the artist.  You are the sculptor of your reality: MOLD YOUR BEAUTIFUL TRUTH.  Create a masterpiece of life that, like all good art, serves not only yourself — but influences others in the highest regard.  Use gratitude, compassion, and kindness as your starting points; and the possibilities are endless.


Be grateful.  Be grateful for every facet of your life, the glory and the pain.  For even the pain has served its purpose.  It has refined you, and made you strong beyond measure.  As Joshua Graham put it:

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

Let the light in you soul spark, and burn brightly.  It is YOUR time to shine.  So be luminous.

You have been stretched by experience into new dimensions.  There is no reason to look back.  Transcend all the limitation that you feel is restraining you.  Let it go…  and realize that all these limitations, were illusory from the beginning.

You are an eternal soul, with infinite possibility.  You have risen from the ashes of your past to the glory of NOW.  Be playful, be joyful, savor the luscious life you are creating for yourself and extending to others.

REMEMBER:  “The future is inside us, it’s not somewhere else…” – Radiohead

I am living my life as an ever-evolving work of art, and I invite you to do the same.

As always,


Lydia (Rainbow Star)

AKA — Amanda Goins  (Lydia Dawn Rose (Rainbow Star) was a pen name I used for a bit)

Shedding the cloak of the 3D Matrix, and Rising into Heavenly Bliss


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song” – Maya Angelou

It is time for all of us, as a to shift from our 3D mind, which seeks all of the answers–to our hearts, which knows all of the songs.

Transcendence is the theme.  WE as Humanity, are transcending all of our limitations. Breaking the shackles of that which has held us back — the shackles of the matrix.

Bliss, is unfurling.  We need to grasp these moments.  To savor each sweet second as opens before us.  It is time for all searching to cease:  “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” – Jesus

Let us ponder that phrase for a moment… the kingdom of God is within YOU… within ME… within each of us.

Set clear intentions as to what you wish to occur in your life, and cast aside all that hinders your progress to such.  The gateway is within your being — as are all limitations which hinder such.  Simply cast limitations aside.  Whether these be limitations of the happiness you allow in your life, the abundance you allow to flow freely into your life, or any sort of limitation. Allow the happiness and abundance to cascade over you.

It is time for these limitations to dissipate.  Imagine them, rising as smoke above you.  You are now limitless — you are free!  Freedom is your birthright.

In your new found freedom… remember, love is the glue that binds all. So as your approach life through your new, higher, frequency… remember to stay in you heart.  This will keep you elevated beyond the mind banter of 3D.


Love holds each of us together… YOU and I. Love propels us forward into new dimensions.   All illusory separation dissolves.  We are ONE in love and unity.

Be authentic.  Be open. Let all limitations melt away…  and ENJOY.  Most of all enjoy every moment of this experience.



AKA Lydia




Free Yourself: Part 3 of 4 (Releasing the Burden of Fear)


When we are experiencing fear and anxiety, we are robbing ourselves of the freedom and joy of the present moment. Fear can be crippling, or it can be conquered.  Today we are here to discuss the conquering of it.  When your soul is free from fear it takes wing toward the life you desire.

There are many reasons people are fearful.  In contemplating the release of the burden of fear, I chose three aspects with create a great deal of fear and anxiety and fear in  many.  These areas are as follows:  the fear of losing control of a situation and/or it’s outcome, the fear of change, and the fear of that which we do not understand.

A great deal of fear and anxiety are tied to our inner “control freak”.    We lose focus of the present moment because we too busy living in the “what if” mindset.  By this I mean we are contemplating possible outcomes of a situation that is beyond our control, and fixating on our desire to control it. Many times we focus far to much energy thinking, “what if something bad happens” .  In doing so, not only are we completely crushing the potential joy of our now moment, but we are living with the pain of something which may not occur at all.

To remedy this, I suggest  making it a practice to let go of your inner “control freak”.  There will always be situations beyond your control.  However, though you cannot control your circumstances, you can control your reaction and your outlook.  I suggest surrendering the outcome of the situation to a higher power, or simply stepping away from the situation for a moment.  Separate from circumstance, realize that you do not have control of the situation, then let go of it.  Do not let it occupy your thoughts any longer.  Hope for the best outcome, pray for it if you would like, and move forward fearlessly.

The second outlet of fear that I wish to address, is the fear of change.  Many of us are tied to routine and comfort and our lives.  While a certain amount of routine and comfort are pleasant, we must understand that life is constantly in a state of flux.  Things will change, grow and evolve.  We can either embrace this as a truth, or try to deny it and live fearfully.

I think a major stumbling block for many is their outlook on change.  If we view change as something that is scary and undesirable, we will make ourselves miserable.  However, if we look forward with wide eyes, and see change as an opportunity to better ourselves, we open so many doors.  Change gives us the chance to grow.  We do not grow in a stagnant environment.  I do my best to see change as a new possibility to seize, and as a chance to mold my life in the way I desire.

The last type of fear I wish to address, is the fear of that which we do not understand.  This can be a very corrosive fear, because this is the type of fear the can turn into judgment, prejudice and hatred.  Look at how much human conflict has been the direct result of individuals choosing to target an idea or person, simply because they did not understand the concept or individual.

Though this type of fear is very dangerous, I also believe it may be the simplest to combat.  My suggestion, is to approach life, and individuals with curiousity.  When you come across something which you do not understand, learn about it. When we learn about one another, our motivations, desires, even our downfalls — we will discover our commonalities.  Through this mindset friendships are forged, and fear is annihilated.

We can reduce so much suffering, in our selves and in the world at large if we move past our fears in a loving and compassionate mindset.  I hope this post has prompted you to examine what in your life may be causing you live with the burden of fear, and to courageously cast that fear aside.   Litany Aganist fear



AKA Lydia


Free Yourself: Part 2 of 4 (Releasing the Burden of Judgment)


To become truly free, is to live in a state of love and happiness.  The Dalai Lama aptly states, “Love is the absence of judgement”.  We weigh ourselves down greatly  placing value judgments not only on others, but on ourselves.

Many times, people judge another because they wish to feel superior.  Why do people do this?  I believe it is because they do not feel truly confident.  In this mindset, one tries to build a false sense of confidence by belittling others.

We are each on a unique path and our own journey.  I have come to the realization that just because I may disagree with another, or misunderstand their ways, in no way means I am superior to them.  Conversely, just because someone seems to be at a higher level in any facet of life than myself, does not mean they are superior to me.

The core issue is comparing ourselves to others, and placing value judgments on them.  I for one, have no desire to compete.  I think it is key to try to understand one another.  So much of the trouble we have faced has been due to misunderstandings and rash value judgments.  The type of judgments that cause both inner and outer conflict.


So, I propose that we shift our focus. Shift from judgment, which creates fear, to understanding, which leads to acceptance and love.  When we give others the freedom to be themselves in a comfortable and loving environment we create space for the same experience in our own lives.

Approach people with an open mind and a compassionate heart and your life will surely transform. In doing so, you begin to see a bit of yourself in every person you encounter, and feel a deeper connection to all of.  This works not only with humans, but with animals and nature as a whole.  Look for beauty, and you will find it.

As a final thought:

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.

We leave you a tradition with a future.
The tender loving care of human beings will never become obsolete.
People even more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed.
Never throw out anybody.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Your “Good ‘ol days” are still ahead of you, may you have many of them.”

-Sam Levenson, In one Era & Out the Other

I hope this post has encouraged you to seek out the good in everyone.  To look at one another through eyes of love and not judgment.

Sending so much warmth your way,


~Lydia  ❤ ❤ ❤