Rebirth and Renewal as Spring Blossoms


Spring is:

Spring is soft, like a breeze upon my skin

         It’s radiant warmth is a loving embrace

         Spring is a promise of renewal

         It is a bloom, and a bud yet unopened

         A simple reminder of tender young love

Spring is the hope of our coldest, darkest night — unfurling into vibrancy all around us

Rebirth and Renewal encompass us at this time, it is in every aspect of our being and our environment.   It is a reminder of our resilience — that we can survive the storms of our life and blossom once again.  It is a time to shed the old and burst into our greatest state of being, like the bud on a flowering tree as it blossoms, or a butterfly leaving it’s cocoon.

We emerge with not only a different appearance, but with a different perspective.  At times it is those who have seen the darkest of nights that truly appreciate the fully glory of dawn.  Our struggles in life do not define us, but many times they can propel us into our greatness with a more profound appreciation.  We must let tumultuous experiences not break us, but rather polish us like a gem.

For that purpose, I have fully embraced the worthiness of even the most painful experiences in my existence, and I look forward, wide-eyed, and ready as my new and glorious life  encompasses me now.   Bliss unfurls like a flower, one petal at a time– and the joy of the journey is met exponentially only by the arrival.


Each of us is constantly growing and blossoming each moment.  Take time to savor that,  savor every moment.  Go outdoors when you can and observe as nature is reborn, and know that at any moment you choose your entire being is reborn and renewed as well.  It is not something that you have to strive for, it is the simple gratitude and appreciation for the old, and the excitement for the new, wrapped into glory of the now.  Be fully present and you will beauty and grace in everything.


My wish and prayer for each of you, is that you see the world through eyes of wonder, curiosity, compassion, and love. That you will smile not only with your mouth, but with your heart and your eyes.  Reawaken the vibrancy within your soul, dust yourself off and let go of whatever hinders you.   Glimmer, sparkle, and shine your light in the manner that only YOU can.  For you are a unique spark of creative force waiting to erupt into flame,  burn brightly my dear.

Until next time, I am leaving you in love, gratitude, and joy — from my heart to yours.


Amanda Dawn ❤ ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “Rebirth and Renewal as Spring Blossoms

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  2. Very well written and thank you for speaking this truth. It is Spring and that is a time of rebirth all around us. When we start living from our hearts and not our heads we will see the beauty around us and then awake to this moment of our eternal self.


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