Ride the Wave to Endless Possibility (Ascending to Life Anew)

Envision each moment of your life as a blank canvas; and it is you who are the artist.  You are the sculptor of your reality: MOLD YOUR BEAUTIFUL TRUTH.  Create a masterpiece of life that, like all good art, serves not only yourself — but influences others in the highest regard.  Use gratitude, compassion, and kindness as your starting points; and the possibilities are endless.


Be grateful.  Be grateful for every facet of your life, the glory and the pain.  For even the pain has served its purpose.  It has refined you, and made you strong beyond measure.  As Joshua Graham put it:

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

Let the light in you soul spark, and burn brightly.  It is YOUR time to shine.  So be luminous.

You have been stretched by experience into new dimensions.  There is no reason to look back.  Transcend all the limitation that you feel is restraining you.  Let it go…  and realize that all these limitations, were illusory from the beginning.

You are an eternal soul, with infinite possibility.  You have risen from the ashes of your past to the glory of NOW.  Be playful, be joyful, savor the luscious life you are creating for yourself and extending to others.

REMEMBER:  “The future is inside us, it’s not somewhere else…” – Radiohead

I am living my life as an ever-evolving work of art, and I invite you to do the same.

As always,


Lydia (Rainbow Star)

AKA — Amanda Goins  (Lydia Dawn Rose (Rainbow Star) was a pen name I used for a bit)


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